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These are a collection of some small free software tools, utilities and other miscelaneous programs available for download. You can find similar programs elsewhere but they usually have some kind of limitation (usually not free), which is why I end up writing my own.

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Backup Utility

This program will copy all the files in a certain directory of a specified type into another directory. Effectively, it is a very simple and easy to use backup utility. Backup jobs can be saved, and you can specifiy restrictions such as file size, date, and type. I use it because I can't use CVS.

You can download the program here (~40kb) (win32 exe)

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CPU Speed Adjuster

Ever tried to play an old game, or run an old program on a modern PC? Notice how everything runs way too fast? This program lets you slow down your PC so that you can run all your old programs again at the speed that you require. CPU usage can be limited to within a percentage. I made this because CPU killer, Bremze and mo'slo cost money (or are limited), and throttle doesn't support my chipset.

You can download the program here (~30kb) (win32 exe)

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CD Recover

This is a lossy disc copying program. Designed for recovering as much information as possible from a corrupted file. The program is optimized for recovering corrupt video data from CDs. Supports multiple file retrieval methods. Say goodbye to CRC errors at the end of a file copy.

You can download the program here (40~kb) (win32 exe)

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Graphics Capability Browser

This program displays a list of your computers capabilites.

Provides information about your: You can download the program here (~30kb) (win32 exe)

Note: You currently need to have DirectX 9 installed for this program to run.

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Tiny Software Synthesizer

This is a small (<8kb) low level software synthesizer, its very difficult to use, but the documentation includes a bit of theory which might help if your trying to write your own.

The software synthesizer supports: You can download the program here (~220kb) (zip)

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Data to C-header converer

Small program to convert any data file into a C/C++ header file. Usefull for embedded systems and intros. A small program, but annoying if you find yourself rewriting it too many times.
You can download the program here (~32kb) (win32 exe), and the C source here