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My Productions

Hello World
Feb00:Hello World . 256k Intro . 1st Coven 2000
This was my first publicaly released intro. Previous to this everything had been written in pascal. The win32 wrapper was written by Fractoid. The entire intro is in software, written in C and assembly. The effects include 2d effects, 3d wireframes, and raytraced scenes. The music was by h0l/mono. Requires MMX, and DirectX7, so it pritty much runs on anything these days.
Download from scene.org
Apr00:Fuzzy! . Demo . 22nd MS2K
This was a demo made with Fractoid, based on his DirectX wrapper. Most of the effects were written by Fractoid and me together, but the bulk of the work for this demo was done by Fractoid. The particle systems dont seem to show up on modern PC's which is a shame. Music was made by m27 specifically for this entry.
Download from scene.org
Feb01:Blue . Demo . 3rd Coven 2001
Another production by me and Fractoid, using his DirectX wrapper and Raytracer. All effects were written by me, and the raytracer was enhanced and optimized by me. Music by Zage/Coils.
Download from scene.org
Mist Garden
Feb01:Mist Garden . 256k Intro . 1st Coven 2001
A nice and slow moving intro, my first hardware accelerated intro. All code by me, Music by dune/orange
Download from scene.org
Aug01:Robo . 64k Intro . ?? Caos Constructions
Intended for another party, missed the deadline. Never heard back from the organizers as to what place it came. My first 64k intro, and as far as I'm aware, the first hardware accelerated intro to have animated 3d models of something proper (ie: a woman walking). Won't run on anything unless DX7 is installed. Was originally coded to fit one of dune/orange tune's but permission to use the tune was denied at the last minute, and Mick Rippon / Fairlight was wonderfull enough to write a new tune in a very short time for me.
The screen shot is from a development version, its all I have left.
Download from adrianboeing.com
Aug03:Fishtro2 . 64k Intro . 4th Buenzli 12
Writen as an invitation to Sylan. Used an old purple motion tune. Used a completely new engine. Fish are bump mapped and controlled with AI methods.
Download from scene.org
Nullarbor 2006 Interactive Invite
Dec05:Nullarbor2k6. 64k Intro . 2nd au Xmas Compo 2005
An interactive invitation to Nullarbor. Used a midi tune this time, for the added effect. Its really just a silly little game, nothing really special about it. As for the humour value, I guess you either get it or you don't.
Download from adrianboeing.com
Feb06:Retro4k . 4k Intro . 2nd Nullarbor 06
Coded entirely in C, a simple software synth/tracker, 4 oldschool effects on a rotating cube. Used crinkler to get the size down, and VC6. Music was done by Vermillion / Affinity - he did a great job with the tune!
Download from scene.org
No Time
Feb06:No Time . Slideshow . 3rd Nullarbor 06
This slideshow was put together in a bit of spare time over a couple of days before nullarbor, using a bunch of Nightshadows old images. Hence the name, "no time". There are some simply fantastic pictures in here, and Vermillions tune is very fitting. A nice slow journey, breaks the pace and mood from the the rest of the demos.
Download from scene.org
Nullarbor 2007 Interactive Invite
Dec06:Nullarbor2k7. 64k Intro . 4th au Xmas Compo 2006
An interactive invitation to Nullarbor. Just a modified version of last years entry with a new game.
Download from adrianboeing.com
Mar07:Ray4K. 4k Intro . 2nd Interzone nullarbor 07
A realtime raytracer in 4kb. Unlike many other raytracers this one raytraces metaballs, including a "meta-tube". Originally code was based on Fractoid's old raytracer and the synth from Rerto4k, however it was all completely rewritten to fit in the 4k. Music was done by me, based on a tune by B00mer. There is a 'compatible' version included that should run on most systems, and faster too. This intro was designed to be a bit future proof so it will stress a modern PC, I only get 6fps on a dual Athlon2000+ MP. Written in pure C, used crinkler and whole bunch of hacks to get the file size done.
Download from scene.org
Jul07:TRIP! . 4k Intro . 3rd Syntax Party 2007
A short 4k based on some black and white optical illusions (eg: after images) so that there is apparent motion. Unfortunately not many people notice this and the timing on some PC's is a bit off so the illusions don't work as well. Music was done by cTrix using a simple synth based on code from Andromedary. Again a bunch of compiler hacks, a bit of assembly, and Crinkler to get the file size down.
Download from scene.org
Nullarbor 2008 Interactive Invite
Dec06:Nullarbor2k8. 64k Intro . 4th au Xmas Compo 2007
An interactive invitation to Nullarbor. Just keeping up the tradition with a new game. cTrix did the midi music for this one.
Download from adrianboeing.com
SPH (Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics)
Nov08:SPH . 4k Intro . ? Syntax Party 2008
A very short 4k done in 4 hours for Syntax based on some SPH code I wrote. I then extended it in 2 hours for the later deadline to get the 'cracked egg' shader effect happening (using one of the tricks from Trip). Again the music was done by cTrix using the old synth code. Due to time constraints I planned the design to be very size limited in advance and suprised myself by comming in under 2k for the core of the intro. Shaders, fullscreen, and credits then consumed the rest where I got liberal with the coding style. Again a bunch of compiler hacks (this time VS2005!), assembly plus intrinsics and finally Crinkler to get the file size down.

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Australia - Perth Scene - Computer Graphics

Perth has never really had much of a demoscene presence. In the comming years, that looks like its going to change.

Now we have nullarbor - our very own demo competition, and its looking to be great! In recent years we've seen the emergence of a number of new graphics organizations - the whole community is growing.
A demoparty and game development competition in Perth.
Perth has its own chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH, mainly focused towards computer graphics.
A demogroup based in Perth.
IGDA Perth
Perth no also has its own chapter of the International Game Developers Association
PIGMI - Perth Independent Game Maker's Initiative
PIGMI is a independent game development group in Perth.
3 minutes.net
Perth cross-media collaborative
Western Australia animators, a group with an eye towards film and television.
Orange Zucchini
Design students community
Syntax DemoParty
The Syntax demoparty in Melbourne