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C++ Links

STLport is a copy of the STL library that works with most C++ compilers
Loki is a library of flexible design pattern implementations. The companion library to the book "Modern C++ Design", which introduces "Policy-Based" design.
Boost is a collection of C++ libraries that never made it into the standard.
Some free compilers:
Visual Studio Express Editions
Visual Studio Toolkit 2003
Platform SDK for XP SP2
Microsofts free Visual Studio compilers - Identical to the commercial product. Now Microsoft is oftering the whole product line in an 'express' version, IDE, compilers and all! Free!
Digital Mars Compilers
Digital Mars produces compilers for C,C++,and D. Free versions are available, and the C++ compiler is the fastest compiler (as in the time required to compile something) I've used.
Intel Compilers
Intel produces an optimized vectorizing compiler free for non-profit use. Supports OpenMP.
The GCC compiler for windows.
An IDE for GCC, and other compilers
Another free cross-platform IDE.

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Code Links

Gamedev.net is full of good articles about game development.
Data and Object Factory
A nice list of design patterns and examples online
Game and demo development articles.
Demo and Game related news
Object Mentor
Information on various aspects of project management and design.
Highlights are the UML tutorials here

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Library Links

Simple DirectMedia Layer - a cross-platform multimedia library
tinyXML - a small and easy to use XML library
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Run-Time Library
The libraries required to run VB6 programs
Microsoft win32 Common Controls Library
The library required for running common controls
Open CV
Open Computer Vision library

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Physics Links

Please let me know if you are aware of any additional free, mostly complete, C/C++ physics engines.
An open source physics engine. Spring and Damper based system.
AGEIA own Meqon and Novodex, and will produce a hardware accelerated physics card.
Bullet Physics Library
A free open source physics engine.
A free non-commercial liscence for win32.
Dynamechs (Dynamics of Mechanisms) Physics Library
An open source physics engine - robotics orientated.
DynaMo: Dynamic Motion library
An open source physics engine
FastCar Library
An open source car and simple rigid body simulation library
Impulse-based dynamic simulation
An open source physics engine
Jiggle Physics
Source code to an experimental physics library. Newer progress in the form of JigLib.
Newton Physics Engine
A free win32 physics engine. (Now also for linux and mac)
Novodex - Game Physics
A free non-commercial liscence for win32. A previously (08/08/04) purely commercial engine.
nV Physics SDK
A free win32 physics engine.
ODE Open Dynamics Engine
An open source physics engine.
An open source physics library for surgical simulation. Supports deformable objects.
Physics Abstraction Layer
An open source physics abstraction layer: Support multiple physics engines at once
An open source physics library - robotics orientated.
An open source physics library - Impulse based Stacking for Non-convex Rigid Bodies
Simple Physics Engine
A free non-commercial liscence for win32, DirectX only.
Springhead simulator
An open source physics engine. (Warning:Japanese, english stub here)
Tokamak Physics Engine
An open source physics engine. Previously (18/05/07) a free win32 physics engine.
True Axis Physics Engine
A free non-commercial liscence for win32.
Some commercial only physics engines:
Havok - Game Physics
Meqon - Game and Simulation Physics
Commercial. Have educational discounts. (Now owned by AGEIA)
Vortex - Simulation Physics
Commercial. Have educational discounts

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Web Links

Opera Web Browser
The opera web browser - Fast, Secure, and feature-rich, available across a number of platforms
Firefox is an open source web browser
WDG HTML Validator
HTML Validator, batch mode.
W3C Markup Validation Service
HTML Validator and more.
Check your website to see if it supports any browser
Free invisible web tracker
Worlds biggest .com registrar for a reason
Test your website compatability with the Safari browser
DHTML Color Picker
Find that color, quick!

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Demoscene Links

The modern day hornet. All demo-related productions are available here
The oldskool demoscene colletion.
Hugi Magazine
One of the better known demoscene diskmags.
Orange Juice
Demoscene information center.
Demo community review site
nullarbor demoparty and game development competition

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General Links

An online java image editor, if you quickly need to scrible something down
An online flash UML editor. Great for quickly fleshing out a design on the go
A fast online dictionary
Process Explorer
A greatly improved version of the windows task manager. Monitors and manages handles, meaning you can remove undersired file locks without a reboot.

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Fun Links

General Links:
Collection of online news sites, a good way to waste your life.
Nuvie - Ultima 6 recreation
An incomplete project rebuilding the Ultima 6 engine, so you can play the game on modern PC's
Home of the Underdogs
This site maintains a massive collection of old games. (you may want to look at a speed limiter here)
Community music sharing network, lots of rare electronica
A cross-platform python implementation for the soulseek client
Soulfind is a Soulseek server implementation for Linux
Comic Strips:
The best online comic strip, well, if you fall into the xkcd catagory. A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.
This is an awesome online commic strip. Very funny if your a gamer. Excellent art work.
Penny Arcade
Another commic strip about gaming. More popular than Ctrl-Alt-Delete, but not as good in my opinion
Dilbert, the comic about work
A wierd, yet kindof entertaining commic strip
Monkey Business
This strip is not updated very often anymore, but I find it quite amusing
Mac Hall
Another gaming related strip, but with a greater focus on other aspects such as art, university, and relationships. Very good art work.
Flash Animations:
A funny flash animation about shoot-em ups (counterstrike)
Salad Fingers
A very wierd cartoon. The animation is pritty good though.
Oldschool demo
A flash animation reminiscent of a c64 oldschool demo
Venus Fly Trap
Saw this at an art gallery once. Fun to play with
The Matrix
Bullet time done in ASCII text